Wednesday, March 15, 2017

1955 Snow White Dairy Recipes Book

Snow White Dairy Recipes was issued in 1955 as an advertising premium for The American Dairy Association. The booklet measures 6" x 7" and contains 14 pages.

The name and logo of the local dairy sponsor would be printed or stamped on the back cover. Some books have been found with no markings.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney, 1955. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.


  1. How cute is this. I love how the illustrations actually support the recipes. The little rebus - is that "knight in shining armor" calories? The quality of this little recipe booklet that would appeal to moms and kids alike reflects the time period. They probably gave these out at Mr Widmer's dairy store.
    Also - this type of artifact brings out the historian in me. Did you by any chance research the Fairmont Creamery (it's now a historic landmark) or John O Widmer dairy
    Mr Widmer was not only a dairy farmer and cheese maker, but a photographer and historian. The pictures make me wish I had grown up there.
    I had a great time looking this over this morning - thank you! Now off to work.

    1. Awesome info Debbie! Thanks for sharing. The historian in me is also brought out by such things. It's truly amazing what can be discovered by following the clues left on these Snow White memorabilia.