Monday, March 6, 2017

1938 Snow White Paper Doll Book, Whitman No. 970 (Orphan Annie red cover)

In an earlier Archie entry, we saw the blue cover edition of this Whitman paper doll book, no. 970. Sold in stores, it featured Snow White alone on the front except for a couple of deer. The red cover version was a premium give-away for listeners of the Little Orphan Annie radio show. Snow White is joined here on the front by Sneezy and Doc. Book size: 12" x 17".

Included with this particular book was a note from Little Orphan Annie. It was written to the child who received it in 1938. It states that because thousands and thousands of children sent away for their Snow White cut-out book (Whitman No. P-77), they actually ran out and couldn't get any more. But they were lucky because children would now receive this more expensive book.

Original shipping envelop.

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