Monday, February 13, 2017

1950s Hummel Snow White Figurine Set by Goebel

A porcelain set of Hummel Snow White figurines manufactured by Goebel, initally released in the US in 1950. A year stamp and the Hummel "full bee" trademark (TMK-2) are found on the bottom of most of these first pieces. The dwarfs stand between 2.75-3" tall, Snow about 5.5". Made in West Germany.

Each of the original figures were also labeled with a silver foil "name tag" sticker.








Snow White.


The Prince appears to have been introduced to the series in later releases. Measures 4.5" tall.

Miniature versions were also produced of Snow White (3.25") and the Prince (2.5"). Snow's dress sports her traditional colors. Circa 1987.


Variations in the figurines' bottom stamps indicate when individual reissues were made. This Snow White has the Hummel "last bee"trademark (TMK-5) from 1972-1979.

Sleepy with the "missing bee" trademark (TMK-6) from 1979-1991. The "© Walt Disney Productions" imprint was used up through 1985.

Miniature Snow White and the Prince, "missing bee" trademark (TMK-6) and "Walt Disney Company" imprint, which means it had to have been produced after February 6, 1986 (the date of the Disney Company name change).

The original 1950 set is listed on page 857 of Hake's Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles, 2nd edition, 2007.

Learn more about Goebel trademark dates at Antique Marks.

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