Saturday, February 25, 2017

Peter Puppet Playthings Snow White Marionettes

A series of Disney marionettes were produced in the 1950s by Peter Puppet Playthings. Included amongst the selection were Snow White and Dopey, each sold separately.

Snow White measures approximately 16" tall. Material: composite head with jointed jaw, hands, shoes; composite and wood torso; black mohair-like hair; cloth dress, silk-screened "Snow White" ribbon sash. Wooden t-bar controller handle.

Image via Hakes.

Images via americanartifacts.


Dopey is made up of the same composite and wood components. Jointed mouth. Painted features. Cotton felt clothing. "I am Dopey" tag on back. He measures approximately 13" tall". (Stand not original.)

Dopey images via purplecuda69 + eagle200013 + mikeknocks4u.

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