Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snow White Figure Bank

This Snow White bank was purchased from the Disney Store circa 2002. Composed of PVC plastic, it measures approximately 8.5" tall. Manufactured by Enesco as part of their Disney Classics collection. Made in China.

The bank was packaged in plastic with a decorative paperboard backdrop.

Packaged Bank images via Sue's Antique Wonderland.


  1. They used to sell some pretty cool banks. Snow's face is a little odd but over all the bank is quite nice.

  2. The face is a bit odd. They didn't exactly get her likeness down.

  3. I dimly recall having a plaster-of-Paris SW bank in the late 1970's, that looked a lot like that one. I wonder if they used an older mold?

  4. Melissa-- They may have because the face sculpt for this one does not appear to be a "normal" look for a piece made of PVC.