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Snow White's Ride - Vintage Shield Signage

These two vintage Snow White images come from Patrick over at the Stuff from The Park blog. They feature the shield signage at the front entrance to Disneyland's Snow White's Adventures Ride. The 1966 photo below predates the addition of the word "Scary" to the title of the ride--added later as a way making parents aware of the potential frightening nature of the attraction for small children.

1966 image courtesy of Matterhorn1959 via Stuff From The Park.

All courtyard Fantasyland rides carried a sign at the entrance which displayed the character's "insignia" in shield form. Snow White's contained the face of the princess inside a green circle in front of a blue castle. Two doves sit on the top left of the castle, a heart floats above to the right and a rose is centered below.

This 1960 large size positive slide (below) taken by a park employee shows that...
the old style Fantasyland was a very festive and colorful place. The buildings were not much to look at, but the imagineers did try to conceal them with bright painting, wonderful attraction designs and drapery. The concept was that the castle was decorated for a jousting tournament. The shield designs on each of the attractions helped to further the concept. And the murals by the load area were the best renditions of the characters.  Stuff From The Park

1960 image courtesy of Matterhorn1959 via Stuff From The Park.


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Disneyland Park back in 2005, a Limited Edition of 1500 tin shield signs were produced. The screen-printed metal shields were patterned after the original artwork. Replica size: 9.875" x 8.25".

Sold in a set of 4, the other signs included Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Peter Pan's Flight, and the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Original retail price $79.95.

Closeup of front...


The set of replica signs appeared in the Holiday 2005 Disney Catalog...

Catalog scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


Also released (October 2005) in honor of the 50th anniversary of the park were two very similar Limited Edition shield pins in lot sizes of 1000 (#42489) and 1500 (#42873).

Pin #42489 and Pin #42873

The first sold as a set with three other pins. It's back was gold and stamped with 17, © Disney and China. The second pin was part of Fantasyland boxed set (below). Slightly larger, it was silver and backstamped with the castle icon and Disneyland 50th, LE 1500, ©Disney, CHINA. The set was designed by artists Jody Daily and Kevin Kidney.

Pin #42873 is from Set #41986.

Snow White Collector Note: Be advised that there are unauthorized versions or "scrapers" of Pin #42489 being sold from China. Thus the authenticity of this pin cannot be guaranteed unless purchased directly from Disney.


Bonus pic: D Ticket sign for Snow White...

1966 image courtesy of Matterhorn1959 via Stuff From The Park.

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  1. Great photos. For those interested in the old Disneyland Snow White Ride. There is an event at the Snow White Cafe on May 13th, 2010, where an artifact from that ride will be on display for that night only. For more info