Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hollywood Stories - Stephen Schochet on Lucille La Verne

In the short video below, storyteller Stephen Schochet shares the well-known anecdote involving Lucille La Verne and her recording session for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The actress who voiced both the Evil Queen and the Witch achieved that distinctive sound for the more ragtag of the two characters through some very original improvisation.

Lucille La Verne  pose struck for animator Joe Grant during the dialog recording session.

Schochet is author and narrator of numerous Hollywood tales including the audiobook Fascinating Walt Disney. In the bonus video below, learn anecdotal information about Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, and Sid Grauman as well as Mary Pickford and how she was inadvertently responsible for the creation of the handprints in cement at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre Forecourt.

Bonus video.


  1. As a Snow White-O-Holic like me this blog is a dream come true! I'm just so so disappointed that in an otherwise great Blu Ray of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Disney omitted to include the famous deleted Witch and the Cauldron sequence in the extras!

    Lucille La Verne's wonderful (and apparently toothless !) cackling intonation "Boil Cauldron Boil , Death Within thy depths I see for one who dares to rival me! Brew the magic recipe Boil Cauldron Boil!!" just makes this great , though very short , lead into the famous Apple Dipping sequence!

  2. Thanks Wobble!

    Do you know if video exists online of this Witch and the Cauldron sequence? It would be great to view it.

  3. There was a You Tube post of it but clearly Disney have removed it! If you buy the Laserdisc or Platinum Edition its on both the Laserdisc also has the Pencil Test for this sequence too! Well worth seeking out as its a short but most impressive sequence!!

  4. Would any fellow Snow White - O - Holics please feel free to contact me at my email address :

    Best Regards from Muir ( Hewitt )

  5. Thanks Muir. Good to know there's other Snow White votarists out there.