Thursday, May 27, 2010

1963 Isabelle Aubret "Blanche Neige" Record

Long before we had reality television and global talent shows streaming into our homes, there was the Eurovision Song Contest. It's a European competition that has been running annually since 1956. Isabelle Aubret from France was the winner in 1962.

In 1963, she was featured on this Snow White album. Isabelle sings four of the songs. The others are mainly instrumentals with occasional male background singers. She has a smooth and mellow jazz-like singing style, quite distinctive from the other Snow White covers you usually hear. Vinyl 10" disc, 331⁄3 rpm. Fontana record label. No. 826.579 QY.

Images and info courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.

The record was also issued on the Philips label. No. P 76.235 R.

These songs were re-released on several other records too. In another post , we see a 45 rpm disc that also dates from 1963. It features the four Isabelle songs without the additional instrumental tracks.

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