Monday, January 2, 2012

Commemorative Coins (60th Anniversary - 1997)

Let's get right into the Snow White 60th anniversary commemorations with a look at these specially-minted collector coins...

In 1997, the Disney Catalog produced this one troy ounce of .999 silver medallion featuring Snow White, the Prince, and Dwarfs all plated in 24K gold. The reverse side shows Snow surrounded by her animal friends. Minted by Liberty Mint, the coin is a limited edition of 1200. Sold in a red leather box. Certificate of Authenticity included. Retail price $75.

From page 3 of the early spring 1997 Disney Catalog...


Liberty Mint also produced for the Disney Catalog a three-coin set that included An Art in Its Making miniature book. The medallions are each three troy ounces of .999 silver and spotlight the Queen, Dwarfs and of course Snow White. Limited edition of 1500. Red leather case. COA included.


The American Pacific Precious Metals Corporation also created a one troy ounce of .999 silver coin with Snow White on the face and Dwarfs opposite. Maximum mintage of 1,997. Sold in a 60th Anniversary box. COA included.


  1. They're amazing !!
    Happy New Year ! :)

  2. Happy New Year Alexandre. Hope you have a terrific 2012!

  3. What would the three coin boxed set be worth? I can't find any online and was curious in case I came across any and did not want to get ripped off, price wise. Great collection.

    1. Hi Julia. I'm not an appraiser, yet comparing the boxed set to other SW coins listed ebay, these might go for $100-$500 to the right buyer. Again, I'm not an appraiser; it's just a guesstimate.

  4. Amazingly i just came across one set in my basement! Where would be the best place to sell them?