Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cadum Trading Cards from France (1952 - series 1)

In previous Archive entries, we saw the Snow White trading cards from French soap producer, Cadum. A series was issued in France in 1938 and two in Belgium in 1938 and 1939. Then circa 1952, two more sets were released. These incorporated other Disney characters in addition to Snow White. The cards were free with packages of Cadum bar soap. Printed on paper stock. The backs are blank.

The Snow White cards:

Series 1 consisted of 24 cards: 1. Mickey, 2. Minnie, 3. Pluto et la tortue, 4. Donald, 5. Naf Naf, 6. Nif Nif, 7. Nouf Nouf, 8. Dumbo, 9. Pinocchio, 10.Blanche Neige, 11. Joyeux, 12. Timide, 13. Dormeur, 14. Grincheux, 15. Simplet, 16. Prof, 17. Atchoum, 18. Bambi, 19. Lucifer, 20. Cendrillon, 21. Jaq, 22. La Fée, 23. Cendrillon et les oiseaux, 24. Gus.

Card images and additional information generously provided by Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

The complete set:

In the next post, see several classroom ink blotters with advertisements for these Cadum soap cards. This is followed by the series 2 cards.

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