Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cadum Trading Cards from France (1952 - series 2)

Series 2 of the Cadum soap trading cards from France, circa 1952. (Series 1 is seen in earlier post). Snow White does not appear in this set, yet the dwarfs are pictured five times. Printed on paper stock. The backs are blank. Notice that changes were made to the card labeling with different printings.

No. 5


No. 18

No. 19

No. 21

Like in the first series, this one consisted of 24 cards: 1. Mickey et Pluto, 2. Grand Loup, 3. Dingo, 4. Grand Loup et petit Loup, 5. Les nains, 6. Hiawatta chasseur, 7. Donald plonge, 8. Dingo, 9. Mickey et Goofy, 10. Donald et ses neveux, 11. Lucifer et les souris, 12. Les 3 petits cochons, 13. Donald toréador, 14. Les nains, 15. Donald et ses neveux, 16. Hiawatta, 17. Donald et ses neveux, 18. Les nains, 19. Les nains, 20. Mickey et Pluto, 21. Les nains, 22. Hiawatta, 23. Donald chasseur, 24. Gus.

Card images and additional information generously provided by Greg Philip of A Lost Film.


  1. I like the artwork on these! When I see the word/name "Grumpy" translated in French ("Grincheux"), it makes me wonder if that could be how Dr. Suess came up with the name for his lead character in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

    1. I think you are dead on Tokyo. Suess' Grinch from the French Grincheux (or "grumpy").