Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Italian Snow White Tapestry Rug - Dwarfs on Log

An earth tone Snow White tapestry rug made in Italy, circa 1938-40. Measures approximately 21.5" x 40" (not including fringe). The nap is soft, possibly silk. Paper label stapled to underside with a "By Permission Walt Disney" imprint.

A blue accented fringed version. Paper tag stapled to rear.

Back side.

In this next example, the image is reversed and the ends have no fringe. A "Made in Italy" cloth tag is stapled to rear but with no "By Permission" paper label.

Back side.

See a different Italian Snow White rug in next Archive entry.


  1. These are great! I just got a rug (Snow and the dwarfs in front of the cottage) but this print is fabulous!

    1. Congrats on getting your rug. They really make nice wall hangings.