Monday, July 3, 2017

1973-74 Wonder Bread Stickers

Wonder Bread ran a promotion in 1973-74 with free Disney stickers. A wide variety of characters was offered including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Each measures 2.5" x 3". Blank backs. A total of 32 stickers were issued the first year with 30 more the next. Some printings include a "PEEL HERE" text along the edge, others don't. Here's a few examples.

Some of the other characters.

And there were even some live-action movies represented.

Also see the 1970s Wonder Bread stickers in the Crazy College Pennants and Crazy License Plates series.


  1. I remember these! And I had a few of them too, but unfortunately they are among some of my childhood items that I haven't been able to locate for a while! :-( These weren't sealed in any kind of protective wrapper before being placed into the packages of bread, so the "grease" (or whatever it was from the bread) would soak into the paper stickers a bit. You can see the slight discoloration in some of these from that. Thanks for sharing these, SWA. They bring back happy memories!

    1. Glad you liked the post Tokyo. And thanks for the additional bit of info on the stickers not being sealed in a protective wrapper. Seems odd, not only from a standpoint of protecting card from bread oils but also insuring that the bread did not absorb any inks from the sticker. The 1970s...things were a whole lot looser back then. Peace man.