Saturday, July 22, 2017

1947 New York Graphic Society Lithos

In 1947, four limited edition lithograph portfolio prints were published by the New York Graphic Society. Two featuring Snow White and two Bambi. They were available in three different sizes.

Good Friends, All!

Snow White's Last Call for Dinner

Snow White lithos courtesy of the Kevin Hicks Collection.

Bambi Meets His Forest Friends

Forest Secrets, Told by Thumper to Bambi

The set of four lithos are included on p.199 of the 1974 Disneyana book by Cecil Munsey. The author lists the original 1947 prices and sizes: 10" x 12" ($1.00), 15" x 18" ($2.00), and 20" x 24" ($4.00).

The four original watercolor paintings for these lithos went up for auction in 2014 by Profiles of History. Each measures 23.25" x 19.5".

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