Thursday, July 13, 2017

1989 Panini Biancaneve "Stick & Stack" Album - No. 16

In addition to their popular sticker card series, Italian-based Panini also published a line of books referred to as "Stick & Stack". Inside were reusable vinyl "stickers" that could be applied to the full-color pages, then removed to be used again and again.

The first Snow White album in the series was no. 16, issued in February of 1989. The full-color pages featured the main characters while the stickers included animals, miscellaneous props like lanterns and shovels, plus one dwarf.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Panini, 1989. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

The rear flyleaf is a coloring page. The back cover announced the next issue...Sleeping Beauty.

Image scans and info courtesy of Nuziante Valoroso.

Another Snow White book was produced 19 years later in 2008. See it in the next post.

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