Sunday, July 16, 2017

Snow White 80th Anniversary Print by Jeremy Fulton

Disney artist Jeremy Fulton created a Snow White "illuminated manuscript" to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the movie. It is currently for sale at the theme parks as a deluxe print on paper. Measures 14" x 18". Retail $39.99. It's also available as a giclée for $395.

Stock images copyright Disney.


  1. Hi! :) Do you know if they have released any info about the 80th anniversary "Art of Snow White" products by Disney Store? It's not yet released on the UK website, and I'm not sure about USA.

    I also read there was 80th anniversary screening of SW at D23, I wonder if some of the items were sold beforehand at the event.

    1. Art of SW not yet released to general public but these items were available to attendees at the D23 Expo last weekend:

      Lithograph set, Notecard set, Journal, mug set, Pin set, D23 Pin, Snowglobe, Snow White Doll, and Witch Doll.

      Many are currently listed by resellers on ebay. Blog post coming soon.