Sunday, July 30, 2017

Snow White Art of Brenda White

In 1994, artist Brenda White released a book (along with Jesse Rhodes) entitled, Disney in Clay: The Art of Brenda White (hardcover, 247 pages, ISBN: 0964293110). An array of Disney-themed works were created and pictured throughout the book, including several one-of-a-kind Snow White hand-painted and hand-crafted glazed ceramic pieces.

Old Hag Charger Bowl, 1990. Limited edition of 35. Hand-signed and numbered on bottom. Approximately 18" diameter. It is listed on page 49 of her book.

Seven Dwarfs Vase, 1992. Measures 17" tall. The bottom of this piece is inscribed by the artists and was given as a gift to former Disney executive, Bo Boyd. Boyd passed away in 2013. Two years later, the piece went up for sale by Heritage Auctions, the source of these photos. Inscription reads, "Bo and Vicky, You are so supportive. When will you come to Maine? Love ya, Brenda and Jesse."

Dopey Vase, 1992. Stands 19" high. The bottom reads, "1 of 1 - © Disney - October 1992".

Snow White Pull Toy, 1996 (dated after the publication of the book). Measures 17" x 22". Signed by both artists, White and Rhodes.

Dopey Pull Toy, 1996. Dimensions: 14" x 18". Numbered 1 of 1 and signed by the artist.

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  1. Another Snow who's out of proportions; legs TOO short! I know I am being (too) critical but I always expect more from Disney, weither it's "official" artwork or not! After "Meals On Wheels" we get "Dopey On Wheels"! Oh, wheels! i mean ... well! ;-)