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Seven Dwarfs Kitchenware Set (Treasure Craft)

From the mid 1980s until about 1998, kitchenware manufacturer Treasure Craft was owned by the Pfaltzgraff Company, and it was circa 1995-97 that they released a series of ceramic items featuring all seven of the dwarfs. The figures included Bashful & Sneezy (salt and pepper shakers), Dopey (cookie jar), Happy (utensil holder), Grumpy (spoon rest), Sleepy (trivet), and Doc (teapot). A 14" Snow White cookie jar was also produced (seen in next post). All sold separately.

Salt and Pepper Shaker Set...

Bashful (salt) and Sneezy (pepper) each stand approximately 5.5" tall.

Original UPC sticker on bottom. Treasure Craft Item No. 263-080.


Cookie Jar...

Dopey is 15" high and 9" wide.

On this particular piece, the rim of the lid is marked with Disney and Treasure Craft imprints.

And the bottom of the jar is free from impressions. Note also how the bases may differ depending on where and when they we produced..

On some runs, however, the copyright info was stamped on the bottom.

The label on original box. Item No. 305-080.


Utensil Holder...

Happy measures about 9.5" tall.


Spoon Rest...

Grumpy is approximately 6.75" tall, 5.5" wide, and about .75" deep.

Bottom markings: "© Disney" and "Treasure Craft USA".



Sleepy's dimensions are 10" long x 8.5" wide.

This particular piece is marked USA. Others have a "Made in China" etching. Note this one also has the original price tag of $23.00.

Trivet box.



Doc measures approximately 9" high with lid, 12" wide, and 4.5" deep.

This Doc was made in China. Others were produced in Mexico.

Treasure Craft Item No. 260-080.

All of the packaging designs for this series included floating jars, pots, and Pooh Bears on the boxes.

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