Monday, March 24, 2014

Snow White Figural Cookie Jar (Treasure Craft)

As a nice accompaniment to the Pfaltzgraff-era Seven Dwarfs kitchenware series (previous post), Treasure Craft also produced this handsome Snow White cookie jar. Measures approximately 14.5" tall and 8.75" wide. Hand painted glazed ceramic. Dates from circa 1995-97. As we'll see, some pieces were manufactured in Mexico, others in China.

Treasure Craft Item No. #306-08.

The lid rim may be etched with the Treasure Craft and Disney imprint. For those made in Mexico, it might also be ink-stamped to show this.

A jar produced in Mexico usually had an unglazed bottom, sometimes free from markings (except for maybe a reference number to a particular run).

Or it might contain some combination of ink-stamps which could include "Mexico" or "© Disney" or "Treasure Craft".

For those made in China, the bottom would probably be glazed and have an imprint stamped directly into it.

The boxes too would be labeled as to whether the piece was made in Mexico or China.

See the post-Pfaltzgraff-era Treasure Craft Snow White kitchenware series in the next Archive entry.

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