Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Blanche Neige" Promo Record (Micheline Presle)

To coincide with the 1973 theatrical re-release of Snow White in France, this Blanche Neige 45 rpm 7" record was issued as a promotional gift by Henkel laundry detergent.

The recording on side A features a narrated story by Micheline Presle. The only other dialogue is a male actor voicing the Magic Mirror, with the dwarfs making a few noises. The story is filled out with some sound effects and a little background mood music (not from the film). Presle's narration concludes on side B. Also included are three shortened versions of songs by Christiane Legrand (With a Smile and a Song, Whistle While You Work) and Jean Cussac (Heigh-Ho). These were first issued on the 1962 Le Petit Ménestrel Record, no. 45 vs 556 (see in future post).

The fine print on the back cover reads, "Ce disque ne se trouve pas dans le commerce et sa vente est rigoureusement interdite." Translation: This disc is not commercially available and its sale is strictly forbidden.


The record was reissued in 1979, this time as a premium for the France-based Andros jam. New cover art. Disneyland Record label. Catalog no. AND-79.

Images courtesy of the Greg Philips Collection.

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