Monday, December 8, 2014

1973 'Snow White Teaches Dwarfs to Tell Time' Read-Along Record (Rosy Varte)

1973, this Snow White album was released in France. It's part of the "Read-Along" series: Regardez (Look), Ecoutez (Listen), Lisez (Read). Disneyland Record label. Catalog  no. LLP-370 F. It's titled, Blanche Neige Apprend L'Heure Aux Sept Nains (Snow White Teaches the Seven Dwarfs How to Tell Time). The theme of the story, of course, centers around a cuckoo clock. Attached 24 page book with new full-color artwork.

Narrated by Rosy Varte. Some male dialogue by Maurice Vamby. The story also features sound effects and background mood music (not from the film). Tinker Bell's "little bell" audio cue lets the reader know to turn the page. A shortened version of Christiane Legrand's 1962 Whistle While You Work is also included.

45 rpm. Green cover with yellow border along bottom, light blue disc labels.

Additional label pics via


Reissue, 331⁄3 rpm. Green cover, light blue disc labels

See the 1973 Canadian version of this record in previous post.


Reissue, 45 rpm. Green cover, light blue disc labels.

Sample pages.


Later reissue; 45 rpm. Updated cover artwork.

The audio recording...

Narrator Rosy Varte was an actress who, among other things, was well-known for her starring role in the television sitcom Maguy, the French version of Maude. She played Bea Arthur's character.

Images and info courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection. Video link via François Monferran.


  1. This is the soundtrack to this recording!

    Rosy Varte was a well known stage and movie actress who, actually, appeared in the French adaptation of the TV series of "Maud", entitled "Maguy"!

  2. Sorry for the "typos"! (Maude!)

    One little correction from me, who's very good at misspelling! ;-) The French singer is ChristiAne Legrand (A jazzy Snow here!) who was talented composer Michel legrand's sister! She also cut a French Lp of Mary Poppins songs ... and is the French soundtrack singing voice for Mrs Potts, whose original French voice was ... Lucie Dolène, a much more suitable choice!

    1. Keep a look out for a blog post on the Legrand record coming up in just a couple of days, plus a series of posts on a whole lot of others. We're going to fit in a bunch more records before the end of the year. :)