Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1983 'Blanche Neige' Read-Along Record (Marie-Christine Barrault)

1983 French Disneyland Record. Catalog no. LLP-466 F. Part of the "Read-Along" series: Regardez (Look), Ecoutez (Listen), Lisez (Read). Format: 45 rpm, 7" vinyl disc. Attached 24-page book. The Snow White story is narrated by Marie-Christine Barrault, with additional voice talents as the other characters. A bell signals reader to turn page. Sound effects and musical background accompaniment taken from the original movie soundtrack. Half way through the story, we hear Someday My Prince Will Come. However, it is not the film version but instead the 1962 Christiane Legrand recording.

Disc labels via

Sample pages.

Images and info courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.


1983 cassette tape and book.


The recording was reissued in 1997 on compact disc.

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