Tuesday, December 20, 2016

1938 Candy Wrappers from Consolidated Biscuit Co.

This set of eight waxed paper wrappers for Snow White sucker pops were issued by the Consolidated Biscuit Co. of Louisville and Chicago. "©1938 W.D. Ent." Each character represents a candy flavor. Snow White is larger at 3 oz. (wrapper size: 6.5" x 9"). The Seven Dwarfs are 3/5 oz. (4.5" x 5.25"). Hakes sold the set for $230.00 on July 17, 2014.

Snow White Orange. Price 5¢.

Dopey Orange + Doc Lime (no price listed).

Grumpy Raspberry + Sleepy Grape + Happy Wild Cherry + Sneezy Lemon + Bashful Anise.

Wrapper images via Hakes.

The wrappers as they would have appeared with the candy still enclosed.

Additional images.


During the holidays, the set was sold in a Christmas gift box with an illustration of Santa Claus and his sleigh on the lid. Blue or green cover. It included all eight pieces. Box measure 5" x 8".

Additional images via aurorasjs.

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