Friday, December 16, 2016

2016 Articulated Dopey + Evil Queen Costume Ornaments

This holiday ornament of Dopey holding a candle in his hand is part of a series of Disney articulated figural ornaments that were released at the US theme parks and online at the Disney Store in September 2016. Pull the string and his arms and legs raise. Made of resin. Glitter detailing. Measures 4" high. Retail $19.99.

Item No. 7509055890917P.


Also in the fall of 2016, an Evil Queen costume ornament was issued at the US theme parks. It appeared online at the Disney Store in mid-October. Resin with glitter detailing. Measures 5.6" high. Includes a metal Mickey hanger and an apple with green skull overlay. Retail $22.99.

Item No. 7509055890945P.
Stock images copyright Disney.

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