Monday, December 5, 2016

2016 Grumpy Tees & Tops

Grumpy Striped Tee for Kids. 95% cotton/5% polyester. Disney Store early January 2016. $16.95.

Item No. 5622056280704M.
Stock images copyright Disney and respective licensees.

"Ridiculously Good Looking" Grumpy Tee for Men. 100% organic cotton. Online at the Disney Store June 2016. Retail $22.95.

Item No. 5620045531075M.

Grumpy Long Sleeve Hooded Tee for Men - Walt Disney World. 60% cotton/26% polyester/14% rayon. Sold at the theme park and listed online at the Disney Store July 2016. $39.95.

Item No. 7505055890608M.

"I Literally Do Not Care" Grumpy raglan tee. 65% polyester/35% rayon. Hot Topic summer 2016. $26.90.

Not Topic Item No. 10662485.

Grumpy Sleep Set for Men. 100% cotton jersey. Disney Store October 2016. $29.95.

Item No. 4901046862002M.

Grumpy hashtag tee for men. 50% cotton/50% polyester. Online at Disney Store mid December 2016. $22.95.

Item No. 5620045531723M.

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