Thursday, December 8, 2016

2013-2016 Snow White by Madame Alexander

Disney Snow White dolls by Madame Alexander. These are the most recent examples in a long line of Snow White dolls. We start with not the princess, but the Evil Queen.

  • 2016 Evil Queen. The Wonderful World of Disney Collection. Doll no. 71700. Size: 10". Released November of this year. Retail $219.95. She is made from the classic Cissette mold.
The original Cissette doll was a smaller and less expensive version of the company’s popular Cissy doll. Made of hard plastic, it was manufactured from 1957 up until 1963 and sold in a wide variety of outfits. The same mold was re-introduced in the 1990s and is still in production. INFO FROM JUSTCOLLECTING

  • 2014 16th Century Germany Snow White. Doll no. 69600. Size 10". Retail $179.95.

  • 2013 Snow White. Play Doll. No. 66950. Size: 18". Original retail $79.95.

  • 2013 Snow White. Disney Showcase Collection. Doll no. 66730. Size 10". Retail $179.95.

Stock images copyright Disney/Madame Alexander.

See the 2002-2009 Madame Alexander Snow White dolls in previous post.

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