Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dutch Snow White Christmas Comics (2014/2016)

A couple of years ago, I came across a Snow White xmas story from the Netherlands, published in the 44 page Donald Duck comic book (Nr. 52-2014), December 19, 2014. The tale was written by Frank Jonker. Pencils: Miquel Pujol, Ink: Comicup Studio.

The 5-page story was translated into English by a tumblr user who does subtitling for a living. These scans come from his tumblr page.

The story begins with the Old Witch spying around the dwarfs' cottage.

Illustrations and text copyright Disney. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.

On the second and third pages, the Witch--disguised as a tree--plants herself near the dwarfs' cottage. When they come across it, Grumpy wants going to cut it down to take inside. Doc, however, suggests that because the tree is so close to their home, they should decorate it there. Snow White and the Prince arrive in a sleigh. The Prince places gifts under the tree and Snow sings carols with the dwarfs.

Then it's time to pass out the presents. Just as everyone is gathered around the tree, the Witch changes back into herself to ruin the holiday. Unfortunately for her, she gets tangled up in the decorations and catches on fire. She puts herself out in the snow but is surrounded by the Prince and the dwarfs. Yet, because it is Christmas, they decide to give her some presents and take her back to her castle--still all tied up in the tree decorations..


Released today on December 22, 2016, another five-page Snow White story--Grumpy's Christmas--was published in the Donald Duck comic book series (Nr. 52-2016). Authored again by Frank Jonker. Pencils: Valentin Doménech, Ink: Comicup Studio.

The Old Witch is once more sneaking around the cottage as the Seven Dwarfs get ready for the regular holiday visit from Snow White and the Prince.

For once, Grumpy is actually in the spirit of the season, that is until the Hag casts a spell on him which turns him into a cold-hearted scrooge. He proceeds to rip the decorations off the tree, then throw out all the presents and treats that were on the table. He hides in the forest as Snow White and the Prince arrive in their sleigh.

Grumpy beams the Prince in the back of the head with a snowball, then tries to cut down the xmas tree with an axe. The Witch is loving all the turmoil until Snow White offers Grumpy a present and a kiss. The spell is broken, Christmas is saved, and the Witch's plan is foiled again.

Image scans courtesy of Dirk X at HET Verzameloord.

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