Tuesday, November 21, 2017

1960s Enesco Snow White Figurine Set

In the 1960s, Enesco created a legion of Snow White glazed ceramic figurines that were made in Japan. Each is bottom-marked, "© Walt Disney Productions" and usually includes a foil Enesco sticker or a "Japan" sticker. Some still have their character name tags too. Snow White is approximately 5.5" tall. The dwarfs around 4.5".

These figurines, along with a boatload of other Enesco products, appeared in the Merchandise Supplement to the 1967 Snow White pressbook.

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  1. Oh, these were the figures that my brother and I had on the bookcase in our bedroom, however we only had Snow White, Dopey and Doc. Doc is the only one that is still around today. Sadly, Snow White and Dope broke many years ago.

    1. I remember you telling me about these TM. The porcelain figs can be quite fragile. If I would have owned them when I was a kid, none would have survived. Either I or my brother would surely have ended up breaking them somehow.