Sunday, February 5, 2012

1995 Bradford Exchange Musical Memories Plate

The Fairest One of All is the first collector plate in the 1995-96 Disney Musical Memories series from the Bradford Exchange. Each piece in the collection features artwork...and music...from one of the animated classics. A small music box is attached to the back with a windup mechanism on the front. Plates were limited to a maximum of 95 firing days. Measure 7.5" across.

The Snow White plate plays "Heigh Ho."

Detail of the wind-up key...


Plate series flyer...

Images courtesy of TokyoMagic! at Meet the World. Used with permission.


  1. Although I hear that as collectibles, these plates aren't worth a lot of money, I think they are beautiful and when displayed in a home, look wonderful!

  2. Connie-- Yes, the real value comes from the pleasure that the artwork brings to the viewer. I won't get rich from selling a plate collection. :)

  3. I had the whole collection bit though my divorce I think my ex took 4 of them I can't remember all of them could I get a list so I know what to look for please and think u and if anyone is selling there's I would like to buy the ones am missing

  4. I figured it all am looking for
    Snow white
    Beauty and the beast
    Jungle book
    Alice in Wonderland