Thursday, February 9, 2012

1967 US Snow White Pressbook

Front Cover

Pressbooks rock! Not only are they filled with information on the film, but they're usually jam packed with images of posters, publicity materials, and merchandise too. This one for the 1967 re-release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would have been sent out to theater owners as part of the promotional campaign. And it is indeed loaded with good stuff.

This particular copy actually came from the files of Disney legend Bob Moore. After his passing in 2001, it was sold through Disney Auctions and eventually ended up in my collection.

Page 2: Theatrical trailers, television spots, radio spots.


Page 3: Articles, images.

Page 4-5: Articles, images.

Page 6-7: Articles, images.

Page 8-9: Disneyland Records.

Page 10-11: Exploitation and Gnome Mobile promo.

Page 12: Comics and books.

Page 13: Banners, badges, bumper stickers and balloons.

Page 14: Personal appearance tour.

Page 15: Ladies Home Journal and needle work kits.

Rear Cover: Lobby cards, half sheet, insert, 1-sheet A + B, 3-sheet, 6-sheet, plus displays. A window card and a lobby banner were also available.

Certificate of Authenticity from Disney Auctions.

Image scans from the Filmic Light Collection.

Also see the Ad-Pad insert and Merchandising Supplement that accompanied this 1967 pressbook.


  1. Yes they do rock! Very cool find.

  2. WOW! what a step back in time! I was "Bashful" on that tour and we had a wonderful time seeing 18 cities in 21 days! Hard work of course, since none of us was used to doing "charactor" work. Most us were cast members at Disneyland that summer so long ago either working in the park as ride operators or as parking lot attendants. So many memories. I would love to get all of us together some day before it is too late! Feel free to contact me with any information you might come across. (

  3. Thanks Ed for sharing your memories from that tour. I will be in touch.