Saturday, February 11, 2012

1967 US Pressbook Merchandising Supplement

An 11-page Merchandising Supplement was included with the 1967 Snow White pressbook. As far as promotional tie-ins go, the Disney marketing team once again went all out.

Front Cover

Page 2: Royal Gelatin display and board game.


Page 3: Nabisco walking dwarf toys.

Pages 4-5: Clorox sweepstakes.

Page 6: J. Chein & Co. tea sets, Child Guidance Toys magnetic puzzle, Ben Cooper Halloween costumes, Canned Movies zoetrope, and more.

Page 7: Gund stuffed dwarfs, Empire Pencil Co. cases, Hasbro talking telephone, Hasbro sewing set, and more.

Page 8: Enesco's coin bank, pencil "storage barrels", soap dish, toothbrush holders, planters/vases, wooden boxes, mugs, teapot, cookie jar, salt & pepper set, night light, figural bank, and other ceramic figures; US Time watch and figure; Pez dispensers; and more.

Page 9: Ideal tote-bag, Dexter charm bracelet, Jaymar puzzles, National Leather school bag, and more.

Page 10: Marx book, Disneyland license plate.

Page 11: Soaky Snow Whit bubble bath bottles, kid's coveralls, embroidered pictures.

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