Sunday, December 2, 2012

1937-38 Snow White Color 8x10 Promotional Photos

Among the treasure trove of promotional materials available to theatre owners during the initial release of Snow White was a series of twenty 8x10 hand-colored glossy stills. Sold for 15¢ each in lots of eight or more (or 20¢ a piece for lesser quantities), these could be used in a variety of ways to publicize the film.

Gustaf Tenggren's sketch of Snow White in the dark forest is one of the most striking of all the prints.

Sold in auction on August 21, 2011 for $155.35 (USD).

The Disney and RKO copyright info in the lower corners of the photo.

Here's the classic log crossing with Tenggren's Dwarfs.

A few others in the series.

The entire set of 20 promo stills can be seen on the lower half of this page from the 1937 "New Edition" Snow White pressbook. Also pictured are eight 11x14 stills which we posted in another Archive entry.

Images via Heritage Auctions.


  1. Such beautiful artwork! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you liked. I'm keeping my eyes open for the rest of the set of 20 too.

  2. It would be awesome to have the entire set!

    1. You bet! I'm sure there are a number of collectors who have them all. I just haven't met them...yet. :)