Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vintage Norwegian Christmas Lunchbox

According to information found online, this lunchbox was manufactured for Grundvig & Engelsviken in Norway by Foblik which is short for "Forenede Blikkfabrikker" (United Tin Factories), producers of numerous Disney-themed tins in the 1930-40s. Grundvig & Engelsviken was a fish packing company established in the early 1900s by Carl Grundvig and Ole Engelsviken in the city of Fredrikstad.

The tin was issued circa 1940, and it likely contained Christmas herrings. The lid is bordered by a mistletoe design and reads "God Jul!" ("Merry Christmas" in Norwegian). Snow White appears to be serving the fish on a tray. The two animals on the floor are a chipmunk and squirrel, but it's interesting that they've been given the markings of a skunk. Was this a not-so-subliminal message about the odor to be found within the tin?

In the wrap-around illustration, the Seven Dwarfs march under the stars through the snow-covered forest. Each is seen carrying a sardine tin as they head home to the cottage.

The "with permission of" copyright marking reads "MED TILLATELSE AV: WALT DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE LTD."

Tin measures approximately 7" x 5.25" and 3.5"deep.

Lunchbox is complete with latch and handle.


  1. Nothing says Christmas like herring (?!)

  2. This reminds me, I used to have a lunch box that mostly red, black and white, with a Snow White theme. I'm sure it was very old, perhaps from the 40's or even the 30's. What the heck happened to it?! Hopefully it is in a box somewhere and didn't get lost.