Saturday, November 5, 2011

Disney News Magazine (50th Anniversary - 1987)

In the 1987 Summer issue of Disney News magazine, none other than Snow White found herself pictured on the front cover. The illustration was created by artist Matt Mew (as sited below and in the Summer 1987 Disneyana Collector newsletter).

A feature article highlighted all the "50th" festivities and commemorative events that were planned as well as giving the history of the film and its making. The periodical also included a mini-poster and plenty of princess-related ads. As the cover proclaimed, 1987 was indeed "The Year of Snow White."

50th anniversary celebrations, the making of the film and the premiere...

Centerfold artwork "suitable for framing"...

The magazine also included Snow White 50th anniversary-related advertisements for:

Another article, Secrets of the Lost Film Vaults, focused on deleted scenes from Disney films. Animator Dick Huemer is quoted as he talks about the Snow White deleted soup-eating sequence and how it was first shown on the 1956 Disney television episode, The Plausible Impossible. "I worked on that show," he recalled. "We took those old pencil drawings and cleaned them up and shot them so the sequence could be used to entertain our audience on TV."

And finally an interview with Ollie Johnston, Remembering Walt. Ollie shares memories of his first job at the studio as an assistant to Fred Moore. Every week Walt would check in with them to see how the animation was coming along. "Walt would often get up and act out the personalities of the Dwarfs."

Johnston relates...
One time, Fred gave me a scene of Grumpy to animate, and when he showed it to Walt, Walt said, 'Hey Fred, you'd better watch out, this guy's going to take over from you some day!' I knew he was just trying to needle Fred, but it put me on cloud nine!

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  1. I loved getting Disney News Magazine, because it was very collector and theme park geek friendly, as shown here. When they changed the concept of the magazine in the late 1990s, and tried selling it in grocery stores, I knew it would not last.

  2. And this was before one could google search so the info it contained was that much more special.