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Commemorative Passport (50th Anniversary - 1987)

This "Special Edition Commemorative Passport" was available for purchase during the summer of 1987. For $10 (USD), you'd receive a ticket to the re-release of the Snow White film (at a movie theater of your choosing), plus a solid bronze 50th anniversary coin. Also included were discount coupons for the theme parks, the Disney Channel, and Sears.

Passport Front Cover


Passport Back Cover

The Passport was another of the many promotional items advertised in the '87 Snow White issue of Disney News magazine.

Passport Ad, Disney News, 1987

An April 1987 Disneyland Park gate flyer had a similar promotion for the Passport. See it at Vintage Disneyland Tickets.

Sent in the mail, the Passport included this letter thanking customers for joining in on the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Thank You Letter

Original Envelope

Each passport was individually numbered, and attached inside to the bottom left flap was the ticket stub (valid between July 17 - August 27, 1987).

Ticket Stub

Folding the ticket over revealed instructions on how to redeem it. The stub had to be presented to the theater box office where it would be exchanged for an admission ticket.

The bronze coin was produced by the Rarities Mint, the same operation that created the 11-piece commemorative silver and gold Snow White medallion sets. Somewhat patterned after Gustaf Tenggren's original 1937 poster art, an engraving of the Princess, Dwarfs, Witch and Queen adorned the front side of the coin. The back is stamped with the 50th Anniversary logo and the July 17, 1987 re-release date.

Solid Bronze Coin

The leaflet of special offers included a $10 discount on a new subscription to the Disney Channel, five bucks off a child admission ticket to one of the theme parks, and a Sears coupon for a free plush dwarf with the purchase of two others.

All images from personal collection.

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