Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Disney Collection Doll (50th Anniversary - 1987)

Doll packed in original box.

The first-ever collector's doll from The Disney Collection (a service of Grolier Enterprises) was released in 1987 as a Golden Anniversary Edition. Made of fine bisque porcelain, each was hand-painted and included detailed glass eyes and a hand-tailored dress. The 16"doll also came with its own display stand and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Roy Disney.

Stamped on the back neckplate is the same Golden Anniversary logo seen on the commemorative stamps issued from both Grenada and Redonda. The only difference is that those said "50th Anniversary". This reads "Snow White Golden Anniversary" Also present is a copyright marking "© 1987 The Walt Disney Company" and a hand-painted serial number.

Logo and Serial Number.

The 1987 retail price was $114.50 (USD) plus $3.50 shipping. Payments could be made in four installments of $29.50.


An advertisement for the doll was seen in the summer issue of Disney News magazine. It included a description, pricing and mail-in reservation card. A full page image showed the doll displayed next to a clear crystal apple.


1987 Ad, Disney News.

Another ad for the same doll also appeared in the November 8-December 19, 1987 Disney Channel Magazine. It was in other periodicals as well, including US magazine's 1987 year-end Entertainment Yearbook (p.53).

1987 Ad, Disney Channel Magazine. Image courtesy of the Dan Alexander collection via Dizmentia.


The princess arrived packed in a white box that displayed the Golden Anniversary logo on the top front and The Disney Collection hallmark at the bottom.

Box logo detail.


Because each was individually hand-painted, no two dolls were exactly alike.

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