Friday, November 4, 2011

Singin', Dancin', Heigh Ho! (50th Anniversary - 1987)

Disneyland also commemorated Snow White's Golden Anniversary with a live 24-minute stage show entitled Singin' Dancin' Heigh Ho! Held five times daily (11:45 am, 1:00, 3:00. 4:30 and 6:00 pm) at the then Videopolis Stage, the performance included plenty of singing characters, lots of eighties-style dancers, and even the princess on horseback.


This 1987 Disneyland Summer Program brochure, good from June 20th to September 6th, was published "exclusively for Anaheim Area Lodging Guests" and included information on hours, prices, dining, and things to do at the park. Featured among the daytime entertainment listings were both the Golden Anniversary Celebration parade and the Singin' Dancin' Heigh-Ho show.

See the Summer Program and more at Vintage Disneyland Tickets.


The show began with the Dwarfs singing Heigh Ho as they were joined on stage by a troupe of dancers.

The second number featured Snow White singing With A Smile and a Song to puppet forest animals that popped up from the stage in front of her.

Whistle While You Work came next with Snow beginning the song but soon being replaced on stage by the next group of dancers.

A smoke-filled stage followed with haunted forest trees and giant spider dancers. The Old Witch made her appearance too.

The Dwarfs returned to sing The Silly Song and the dancers did a tap routine.

Dry ice poured across the stage as Snow White sang Some Day My Prince Will Come and was then joined by the Prince in a duet of One Song. In front of a castle backdrop, the royal dancers came out for another spin.

The finale saw the dwarfs and dancers reappear to take their bows. Then the Prince led Snow White out on horseback as live doves were released from the front of the stage.

Screen captures via Harborhouse55.


As part of the 50th Anniversary, the Disney Channel aired a special taped performance for television. See three clips below from the program featuring Colleen Hawks as Snow White and John LaLonde as the Prince...

Video posted by ColleenHawks.

Video posted by ColleenHawks.

Video posted by allen11375.


And here's the entire Disneyland stage show in three parts as shot on home video...

Videos posted by scottof83.

The stage performance is also available on DVD (along with the Golden Anniversary Celebration parade) via Harborhouse55.


  1. Those puppets are hilarious.

    Did you ever see the Snow White Live at Radio City Musical Hall TV special from 1979? I remember seeing it on the Disney Channel many years ago. It starred Mary Jo Salerno as Snow White and Dopey spoke at the end!

  2. Yes, lots of folks have fond memories of that Radio City Musical Hall show. I'll be doing an in depth post on it in a future post. :)