Sunday, November 27, 2011

"One Stop" Snow White Poster (50th Anniversary - 1987)

In 1987, One Stop Posters distributed a Snow White 50th Anniversary button and a series of other commemorative buttons to mark the occasion. These were also the guys responsible for this giant-size, 'in-your-face' door poster. At 26" across and 72" long, this is absolutely the largest piece of memorabilia I've ever tried to run through my pint-size scanner. It took forever...but it was certainly worth it.

Six feet down in the lower left hand corner is the One Stop logo and info. The lower right has the Walt Disney Company 1987 copyright.

Closer detail of Snow and the Dwarf "carvings"...


The artist's initials "DD" are placed next to Dopey's "woodcut" image.


  1. Very nice ! :D
    Although it looks as if Snow White has laarge shoulders .. :P
    Love the dwarfs !

  2. I dunno, she looks a little psychotic and plotting there. I can almost hear the "Mwa ha ha" that she is chuckling to herself.

  3. It is a rather interesting pose she strikes.