Sunday, November 13, 2011

House of Laurenz - Snow White & Friends Figurine (50th Anniversary - 1987)

Created by award-winning Italian sculptor Enzo Arzenton, this 50th Anniversary of Snow White and Friends depicts the film's finale with Snow White in the Prince's arms as all of the Dwarfs and forest animals dance in celebration. Made of Capodimonte porcelain, each figurine was individually hand-painted.

Snow White and Friends

Sold by the House of Laurenz as part of the Disney Laurenz Classic Collection, it retailed for the small sum of $3850 (USD). The piece measures 13¼" high x 22" wide x 14" deep.

Laurenz Tag

The original plan was to create a limited edition size of 2500, witnessed by the Certificate of Authenticity below. However, there was only one set of molds and only one Enzo Arzenton to work on each creation. Thus after more than a decade of production, the total pieces produced numbered only 242.

Original COA

The mold was destroyed in 1999 making this Enzo Arzenton sculpt an exceedingly rare find, one that will stand the test of time with its intricate and lively European design.


  1. This is an awesome piece.
    I like the color and the levity of the sculpture.

    I've post about the "Capodimonte" recently, but I didn't know that the mold has been destroyed ...

    I would like to find an original piece from a Italian sculptor as Arzenton or Armani.

    Cool blog post ;-) .

  2. DSK-- I agree. It is a special piece. Enzo Arzenton did beautiful work. And Armani's sculpts too are simply stunning!