Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snow White Standee (50th Anniversary - 1987)

This 50th Anniversary 3D lobby standee was available for purchase by theater owners through the 1987 Snow White pressbook. Assembled, it sits atop a base and measures approximately 83" high x 49.5" wide.

The base reads, "Starts July 17th at a theatre near you."

Standee images via kpd59.

The pieces came in a cardboard shipping box with instructions on how to fit them together.

Special thanks to Kurt Raymond for the tip about this standee auction on ebay.


  1. Weird, something about Snow White's face looks more like Aurora's than like Snow White's. :-S Cool standee, though.

  2. VERY nice item....did you win it, SWS?

  3. Sheryl-- Yea, the SW artwork for the 1987 re-release promotions had a look unlike any other. I like that it's unique, but it's not my favorite style.

    Tokyo-- No, I didn't win this auction. Probably a good thing, at least for my wallet.