Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ephemera "Blurbs" (50th Anniversary - 1987)

In the February 5, 1987 issue of Eyes and Ears (the WDW cast member newspaper), it was announced that the shops in the Walt Disney World Village (now Downtown Disney) would be having a "Gem of a Sale" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Snow White. The sale was scheduled to run from February 15th through the 22nd.

Eyes and Ears image courtesy of

The piece reads, "To make the event even more sparkling, the Captain's Tower will be decked out as a diamond mine." The Captain's Tower was a free-standing hexagonal store (where Disney Pin Traders is today) with a tower above that served as focal point of the shopping district.

Bonus pic of the Captain's Tower on a postcard from a decade earlier in 1977...

On the back of the postcard, it's pretty funny what the original owner wrote to his folks back home about WDW: "This is your kind of place. Except for some high class idiots, this place is alright..."

Postcard via The Postcard Dude.


Another short blub mentioning Snow White's "50th birthday" appeared in the "Coming Attractions" section of Muppet Magazine (Summer 1987). Other films coming to theaters included The Princess Bride, Adventures in Babysitting, and Spaceballs. What a year for movies!

Muppets Magazine image courtesy of the Dan Alexander Collection at Dizenmentia. Used with permission.


In the Disneyland Line (the cast member newsletter) from July 16th, 1987, we find a short write-up about Snow White's Walk of Fame debut and how it was "the largest turnout for anyone receiving their star." There's also a sidebar on the restoration of the film. [Note: the cancelled stamp from the next day's 50th Anniversary festivities at the park.]

Disneyland Line 7-16-1987, p.6. Image courtesy of Toms Collectibles n More. Used with permission.


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