Thursday, July 14, 2011

The "Artist Series" and "Portrait Series" of Puzzles

Snow White has turned up in a couple different sets of jigsaw puzzles manufactured by Mega Puzzles. The Artist Series is a suite of 1000-piece puzzles featuring various Disney characters in filmic scenes as reproduced in the contemporary fine art of commissioned artists. The works of two new artists are added to the series each year.

Watercolorist Toby Bluth's Snow White-inspired Tidying Up...

Currently available in stores.


Bluth's Seven Dwarfs Coming Home and artist James Coleman's A Sweet Goodbye...

UPDATE 2012: Snow White on the Balcony by Jim Salvati. Puzzle Size: 26.75" x 18.9375"; box size: 8" x 8" x 2".


The second collection is called the Portrait Series and consists of 500-piece puzzles. They differ from those above by paying tribute to the Disney characters in a stylized montage ensemble of both new and vintage artwork.

Currently available in stores.


  1. Beautiful artwork in that first series.....especially "A Sweet Goodbye" (even though Snow White is kissing the Dwarfs goodbye down by the river instead of at the doorway to the cottage....ha!)