Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Snow White Art of Toby Bluth

Artist Toby Bluth comes from a multi-talented family. His brother Don is well known for his success in animated movies. Toby himself has worked on many a film as well as a wide cross-section of other artistic pursuits including children's books, watercolor paintings, and both on and off Broadway musicals.

His unique abilities were even called upon to help solve the aspect ratio issue for the 2009 Blu-ray home video release of Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs. More on this below.

His Disney fine art portfolio is quite extensive, and he credits Snow White inspirational artist Gustaf Tenggren as being a major influence in his career. Often making use of high contrasting light and shadow, Toby's transparent watercolor compositions create warm striking images. His work can be seen at the Disney theme parks, and limited edition giclee prints on paper are widely sold through fine art dealers.



Coming Home
(11" x 15", Edition Size: 95)

Tidying Up
(12" x 18", Edition Size: 95)
Jigsaw puzzles from Toby's watercolors in next post.

Is She Asleep?
(11" x 14", Edition Size: 70)

Portrait of Innocence
(10" x 14", Edition Size: 70)

Portrait of Innocence - Princess Glass Gem Bottle

Let Me Guess
(12.25" x 18.25")

Face of Evil
(11" x 14", Edition Size: 70)

Top of the Stairs
(11" x 14", Edition Size: 95)

Snow White and the Witch
(8.5" x 11")

The Lost Soup Scene 
(11" x 22", Edition Size: 70)

The Sweet Dreams Suite
(6" x 7.5", Edition Size: 50 - series of four)

It All Started With A Mouse
(11" x 22", Edition Size: 195)


Illustrated Children's Books...

Toby has written and/or illustrated a wealth of children's books including these Snow White titles.

Snow White's Escape
(Mouse Works, 1994. ISBN: 1570821534)

(Mouse Works, 1994. ISBN: 157082150X)


Interview, circa 2002...

Bluth shares his watercolor techniques, talks about his work with Disney, and explains the role of an Art Director in the making of an animated film.

Video posted by artinsights.


  1. I love the ilustrations of Toby Bluth!!!! are fantastic!! *__*

  2. Beautiful artwork. So captivating.

  3. Fawn and Momma Nic-- Yes I really like Toby's work too.