Sunday, July 31, 2011

1997 Snow White Bird Feeder Statue

A heavy piece, this Snow White lawn statue stands 16.5" tall and is made of dense resin. Painted in a weathered copper finish of greenish black. The figure functions as a bird feeder by placing seed in her skirt. Originally sold through the Disney Catalog in 1997. Retail price $125.

Images via gwen10z.

From page 6 of the early spring 1997 Disney Catalog...

The statue reappeared in a couple 1999 Disney Catalogs along with all Seven Dwarfs. See them in another Archive entry.


  1. I remember how much I wanted one of those. Someday I'll be able to show you pictures of a tabletop fountain I found somewhere of Snow and the 7 Dwarfs. It is gorgeous, about a foot tall and quite lovely. Of course, it is in storage right now until I someday have a place of my own.

  2. Yes Connie, whenever you break it out of storage, I'd love to see some pics of it.

  3. I remember this item too. I probably should have picked one up....imagine how nice that would look in the garden.

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