Sunday, July 24, 2011

2010 Disney Store 12" Dolls

These dolls were released in 2010 but are seen here for sale at a Disney Store outlet in early 2011. They were still available online at this time too. Original list price was S12.50 (USD) each, but they were marked down to $10. Dolls measured 12", had poseable arms and hands and were made from plastic/polyester.

All photos from personal collection except the Disney stock images. description: Snow White is wearing a deluxe costume which includes a satin top with jewel accent, a skirt with gold glitter detailing, and a satin headband.

Doll / Back of Box

The Prince's costume includes a satin cape and shirt.

The Snow White 6-piece accessory set features a peasant dress, silk gown, veil, scented brush, and two PVC dwarf figures (Happy and Dopey).


  1. Personally, I think I prefer the "Barbie and Ken" style dolls over the plush version....although the glittery swirls on the dress bother me for some reason. It's kind of cool that it actually comes with the "scullery maid" dress. Am I putting too much thought into this?

  2. Tokyo-- You can never put too much thought into SW dolls...or can you? :)