Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WDCC "Signature Series" Figurines, 2000/2009

In the summer of 2000, Snow White's Soups On! was the first piece released in the Walt Disney Classic Collection's distinctive Signature Series. This special limited edition catalogue of sculptures is noted for featuring multiple characters in memorable scenes from the Disney animated films.


Soups On!...

Snow White and all the Dwarfs surround the dinner table from animator Ward Kimball's deleted "Lost Soup Scene". Sculpted by artist Patrick Romandy-Simmons, the piece measures 9 1/4" tall with a length and with of 16" x 11 1/8". Goblets are made of bronze, spoons and forks from pewter. A clear resin in the bowls and spoons represents Snow's homemade soup.

Item Number: 11K-46028-0 (Old)/1210013 (Current)

Hidden within the wood grain in each of the Dwarfs' chairs are letters which spell out, in no particular order, "W - D - I - S - N - E -Y". According to an interview with Romandy-Simmons, "we wanted to do this not only as a challenging point of fun and interest for collectors, but also as a fond salute to the man responsible for creating this magical, classic film along with so many other masterpieces."

  • W - Dopey (chair back)
  • D - Happy (chair top)
  • I  - Bashful (chair back)
  • S - Grumpy (chair back)
  • N - Sleepy (seat back)
  • E - Doc (rear right chair leg)
  • Y - Sneezy (chair back)

Soups On! Stock images copyright Disney.

Soups On! is a numbered limited edition of 1,937 after the year of the film's premiere (or if you prefer, the year the scene was cut). Retailed for $1,975 (USD). Resellers today want big bucks for it.

Numbered Limited Addition. Note production year stamp from 2000 (Dumbo's feather).

The figurine came packaged in a special gold box rather than the standard green.

Signature Series Gold Box

Additional items included with the figurine:
   1. Video on Ward Kimball's deleted soup scene
   2. Booklet detailing the story behind the "lost scene"
   3. Artist signature card signed by sculptor Patrick Romandy-Simmons
   4. Certificate of Authenticity .
   5. Notification registration card for next sculpture in the Signature Series.

Case, Booklet, Video


Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It's Home from Work We Go!...

Released in 2009, Heigh Ho...Home from Work We Go! is the 9th release and the second Snow White-theme to be included in the Signature Series. The Seven Dwarfs march home across the log in another sculpt by artist Patrick Romandy-Simmons. The figurine measures 24" in length, 10" wide and approximately 12" tall. Eighteen pieces of pewter make up the tree roots and six for the pickaxes. The lamp handle is fashioned from brass. Tree tops are resin.

The piece is a numbered limited edition of only 750. Retailed for $999 (USD). Enesco.

Item Number: 4010347

Stock images copyright Disney.
Sculpture info courtesy of Duckman's WDCC Inside Report.


  1. Two extraordinary pieces !I've sen the homeward bound a lot of times but never the soup scene .
    I dream to have both someday.They are absolute sculptures !
    Anyway, they are too intelligent investments ; ) .

  2. These two sculpts are definitely two of the more detailed and involved Snow White pieces ever released by WDCC. I wouldn't mind having either in my home.