Saturday, December 3, 2016

Snow White 50th Anniversary - Theme Park Cups

During the 1987 Snow White 50th Anniversary celebration at Disneyland, special commemorative paper cups were used when guests purchased soft drinks. The anniversary logo with Snow and the dwarfs is pictured on one side. She wears a red dress (patterned after the pink dress illustrations used at the time in the movie posters and publicity material). Coca-Cola's sponsorship is noted on the opposite side.

In a variation of the cup, the Coke logo is dropped and the characters are placed opposite the anniversary text. Snow's dress has also turned purple.

The same design was seen on styrofoam coffee cups too.

Special thanks to the Kevin Hicks Collection for sharing these images.


  1. I love seeing old waxed paper cups from the parks that have survived all of these years. Unfortunately, I don't have this one in my cup collection. I don't even remember seeing it used in the park, but then I think I only made it to DL once in 1987. Do you know when and how long the "Snow White's 50th" promotion ran?

    1. Hi Tokyo, the SW 50th celebration at Disneyland ran from early summer until the fall of that year. A twice daily parade, a stage show, and lots of commemorative items.

    2. I have one, it's kinda rough shape. Willing to sell if interested?

  2. I had no idea about these cups. Cool idea, although I can just see these beyond thrilled (Hardy har har!) businessmen and fathers walking around, drinking their drinks, and wishing that Snow White hadn't been plastered all over the cups. LOL!

    Real life the FLESH! LOL!