Monday, October 24, 2016

Charger Plates by David Willardson

The Evil Queen and Old Witch are together on this 1999 "Reflections of Revenge" charger which was designed by artist David Willardson. Produced by The Foundry. Glazed ceramic. Hand-signed by artist. Measures 13" diameter. Limited edition 500. Retail $275. 

It was listed in the summer 1999 Disney Catalog, p. 63.

Catalog scan courtesy of 1937fan of Whistle While We Blog.

"Wicked Intentions" from 2000. Features seven Disney Villains including the Evil Queen. Glazed ceramic. Hand-signed. Size: approximately 17" diameter. Limited edition 250.


  1. Funny how she was the first full-length feature villain for Disney, and yet the Wicked Queen/Old Witch is still one of the most menacing and impressive designs. Comparing the plates really emphasizes that.

    1. Those Golden Age Disney artists were truly inspired in those early Snow White years.