Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Evil Queen 5-Globe Figurine - 2003

The moment of the Evil Queen's transformation into the Old Witch is depicted in this light-up, five-globe figurine from 2003. Made of hand-painted resin, glass, and wood. Stands approximately 13.5" high. Requires two AA batteries.

The Queen raises the magic potion goblet while the Witch is surrounded by the mini-globes, each featuring an iconic symbol from the film: the raven upon the skull, spellbook, poison apple, heart box, and the face from the Magic Mirror.

A switch on the bottom base turns on a light in each of the globes to create an eerie glow.

The figurine was pictured (flopped) in the 2003 Disney Catalog Halloween edition. Original retail price $128.

Catalog Scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia