Friday, October 14, 2016

1990s - Snow White Wristwatches

An explosion of Disney character watches occurred in the 1990s. Here's just some of the many Snow White-themed pieces that were produced during this decade.

A circling dwarfs piece appeared in the Holiday 1992 Disney Catalog. The princess kisses the dwarfs as they rotate on a clear disc plate. Roman numerals. Case: 18-kt gold electroplate. Leather band. Numbered limited edition of 15,000. Price $75. Produced by Pedre.

Original case.

Images via watchrecyclers26weberk05.

It was seen again in the Spring 1993 Disney Catalog.


A rectangular Seven Dwarfs watch was listed in the 1993 Disney Holiday Catalog (p.50). Retail $60 US, $75 Canada. Sold in gift tin.

Catalog scans courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


1994 "Someday My Prince Will Come" watch. Gold tone, 1.125" (28.5 mm) diameter. Brown leather band. Came inside wooden box. Numbered limited edition of 5000. Produced by Fantasma.

Images via kchew3jeffjrich.


From 1995, a Maximal Art Snow White ladies' watch by John Wind. A Disney Gallery exclusive sold only by Disney Catalog. Base metal bezel, stainless steel caseback. Leather band.

Images via tiffnee.

The watch as seen in the June 1996 Disney Catalog. Retail $90.

Catalog scan courtesy of 1937fan of Whistle While We Blog.


Dopey's Bubbles Watch appeared in the August 1995 Disney Catalog. Manufactured by Fossil. Three magnifiers inside the crystal. Silverplate on brass case. Leather band. $60.00

Watch images via watcheslady.

Catalog scan courtesy of 1937fan of Whistle While We Blog.


Classic Dopey watch from the Holiday 1995 Disney Catalog. Goldplate on brass case. Diameter: 1" (25 mm). Quartz/analog. Roman numerals. Ladies' 7" leather band. Original retail $55.00. Manufactured by Fossil. Shipped in January 1996.

It came in a gift tin.

Images via dopey50.

A paperboard gift box has also been seen with this watch.


Snow White watch from the Fairy Tale Collection, seen here in the winter 1997 Disney Catalog. Gold tone bezel, black leather band. Came with a Fairy Tale "book" box and a pewter castle pin. Retail $95. Limited edition of 2500. Manufactured by Fossil.

Catalog scan courtesy of 1937fan of Whistle While We Blog.

Images via jackdoggie.


Evil Queen watch with Magic Mirror box. Ornate gold tone bezel, stainless steel caseback. Black suede leather band. Numbered limited edition of 1000. Produced by Fantasma.

Back of watch reads, "Made Exclusively for the Disney Credit Card."

The set came with a Certificate of Authenticity tucked inside the box. Pictured on the front is the WDCC figurine which was released in 1997. The watch set probably dates from around this time.

Images via Hakes + ronsr202.


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